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ASCE EMI-PMC 2021 (You wouldn't want to miss this!)

Updated: May 27, 2021

Engineering Mechanics enthusiasts - this is a great event for you! The ASCE EMI-PMC offers attendees "to exchange and disseminate the most recent developments in engineering mechanics and probabilistic methods across wide-ranging fields related to the discipline of Civil Engineering understood in the broadest sense".

ASCE is returning this year with their exhaustive conference scale catering to most applications in Engineering Mechanics, especially Probabilistic Mechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, Computational Mechanics, Multiscale and Multiphysics, Geomechanics and Geomaterials, Biomechanics and Bio-inspired Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Damage and Fracture Mechanics, and Mechanics of Materials and Material Science. With a purely virtual presence this year, eminent speakers from a wide domain of science and engineering come together in a video-on-demand platform for all participants. The conference series is available from May-26, 2021 to May-28, 2021 and features an amazing lineup of eminent speakers, researchers, and practitioners in the area of fundamental mechanics-based engineering. More details on:

Associate Prof. Vikram Pakrashi and I will be organizing the mini-symposium (#243) on Structural Health Monitoring of Dynamical Systems: Conventional and Contemporary Approaches. We have a brilliant cohort of speakers lined up for our mini-symposium where we welcome the opportunity to ask questions and encourage thought flow for different schools of thought on a particular area of interest.

The mini-symposium will also feature my talk on "Modal identification and damage detection – A contemporary real-time approach", where I have talked about the nuances of vibration-based structural health monitoring (which has its close ties to RE-CONDITION). In this talk, I will explain - in steps - the 'WHAT', 'WHY', 'HOW', and 'WHERE' of SHM and investigate the performance of my in-house algorithms towards numerically simulated case studies and experimental test-beds. More to follow tomorrow!

Tune in tomorrow at 10:15 AM EDT onwards for an enriching experience at ASCE EMI-PMC!

EMI-PMC2021-MS Sessions - 05182021
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