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Work Experience

March 2019-present: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin, Ireland

Project: WindPearl

Responsibilities: Creating novel and improved methods for early and accurate downtime detection and power curve forecasts for a range of wind turbines for Ireland.

August 2018-February 2019Mechanical Developer at Siemens, Gurgaon, Turbine mechanical integrity.

Responsibilities: Probabilistic approach towards increasing the fatigue life of gas turbine blades and vanes, using detailed finite element modeling in ANSYS.

June-July 2014: Industrial internship at Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, Kolkata

Project: Estimation of a multi-storeyed building

Responsibilities: Detailed estimation for construction of a multi-storeyed building, including analysis of member forces, shear and flexure capacity of individual members of the structure.

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